Lady Marmalade

By on May 1, 2014

Lady Marmalade is a cute little diner nestled In the heart of Leslieville on Queen Street East and Logan. The restaurant has a fifties feel which brings you that nostalgia feeling of grandmas kitchen. Steel based tables and chairs are an old diner staple, seating around 30 people, with upbeat indie swing style music playing over the speakers just loud enough that you can have conversation, but not quite enough that you`re listening to the surrounding tables as well.

Upon arrival we walked into a lineup but quickly noticed how fast the line was moving and ontop of that, our table was actually ready right on time. We were met and seated by owner, Natalia Simachkevitch, who fluttered around serving, cashing out bills and ensuring every table had enough coffee and the best service/experience that Lady Marmalade has to offer.


The menu had two options; breakfast or lunch. I knowingly chose breakfast due to the constant uproar I’ve heard about their eggs benedict and lets be honest, I’m not one to turn down a good hollandaise. I went with the Roasted Vegetables and aged white cheddar bennie ($13.25), but it was a tie for quite some time with the Heurvos Migas($12). Coffee ($2.25) was my beverage of choice, but there was a tantalizing list of house made smoothies to choose from.


The food was quick to arrive and looked mouth-watering as it arrived to the table. The roasted vegetables consisted of green beans, tomatoes, onions, red beets with melted cheddar. I`m a very big hollandaise fanatic, so it was to my delight that this hollandaise was spot on! Perfect consistency, flavour and colour, the eggs were beautifully poached as well and I can honestly say did not take long for me to devour them. The dish was paired with a side spinach salad dressed with a Asian inspired sesame dressing and pan fried potatoes. The potatoes were some of the best breakfast potatoes I have ever had – seriously; Perfectly cooked and soft on the inside, while crispy and flavourful on the exterior.

My companion had the Brie, Avocado and Bacon bennie ($14), and it wasn’t around very long for me to get a bite of, but she absolutely loved it. The creaminess of the brie and avocado with the crispy bacon left a satisfactory palate over, and over!


All in all, I will definitely be a frequenter of this spot. With its great atmosphere and conscientious effort to use only local produce, there`s a feeling of pride knowing you`re supporting the `little guy` by eating there. I would highly recommend this place so don’t feel intimidated by the lineup that will inevitably be there once you arrive, it moves quickly and it is definitely worth the wait.

Lady Marmalade
898 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1J
647) 351-7645

“Follow” On Twitter: @LadyMRestaurant

Mon-Fri: 8am – 4pm
Sat&Sun: 8am – 3pm

Emily Miles

About Emily Miles

Culinary School graduate, new Torontonian and adventurer! Full time cook by day, food connoisseur by night. Can be found in coffee shops getting the daily caffeine fix, working on work outside of work, and walking around aimlessly downtown trying to find the next place to try fish tacos. My passion for food shines through in everything I do, and where others spend their money on clothing, shoes, and tangible things. I will be found in a market, restaurant or grocery store buying the next thing to excite my taste buds! “What’s your favourite food? Or “What’s the best thing you cook?” will not get you the answers you are looking for, simply because the answer will always be changing. That’s the best part of food, food feeds your mind and is constantly changing, and it’s my goal to keep up with it.

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