Hey, Listen! Check These Guys Out: Stella Ella Ola

By on May 29, 2014

Do you enjoy music, summer, and general awesome-ness? Of course you do! This is precisely why you need to give Stella Ella Ola a listen! If you’ve ever wondered what a 2014 version of The Beach Boys would sound like, look no further. These guys are the perfect amalgamation of 1960s beach rock and subtle Daft Punk-esque techno undertones. Don’t believe me? Check out my new favourite summer anthem, ‘Donna’, a track that will be appearing on Stella Ella Ola’s debut album, which is set for release this summer on Royal Mountain Records – so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

Despite having not yet released their first album, these guys have been rocking out all over the damn place! Playing all over southern Ontario, they’ve already built a very loyal following, and for good reason. These cats are talented as hell! All four members have their musical abilities on lock, and each of them morphs into some sort of musical spirit animal on stage. Oh, did I happen to mention that this ultra rad foursome includes some sort of supermodel goddess named Anne Douris? All of you know how much of an advocate I am for a strong female presence in the industry, so Stella Ella Ola has racked up some extra points in my books.


Make sure you check out Vince, Jake, Nixon and Anne of Stella Ella Ola live!


June 7th – Ottawa, Red Bull Tour Bus Hometown Tour (more info: #/events/239769632897952/)


June 14th – Toronto, Bovine Sex Club


July 19th – Field, ON, River and Sky Music Festival


July 25-27 (date/time TBA) Guelph, Hillside Festival


Twitter: @_StellaEllaOla_

Facebook: #/StellaEllaOlaBand

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyEHxm8db0V5m4e2W8XE2UQ


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