Daily Tips for Weight Loss

By on June 18, 2014

In a perfect world, we would all have enough time to do the things we want to do, cooking, sleeping and yes – keeping fit. Staying healthy can be overwhelming, one more muffin at the office won’t kill me, or how can I say no to a few after work beers? It almost seems impossible to achieve weight loss goals while fitting in a full day of work, social plans and an adequate amount of sleep. If this sounds like you, don’t fret! Here are a few quick and easy daily tips to help shed a few pounds.

1. Get Your Greens

Low in calories yet high in nutrients, adding greens to your diet will slim your waistline while filling your belly. Leafy greens are loaded with fiber and water, keeping you full and flushing out bodily toxins. The best part is, they are versatile. Steamed collards can be used as wraps, romaine can be used as lettuce beds for protein and all fresh greens can be added to smoothies without compromising taste!

2. Wash Away Belly Fat

Hydrate! The first thing you should sip on in the morning is at least 500 mL of water. This helps get things flowing and revs up your metabolism so your body is ready to fiercely tackle your food. After your morning coffee or tea, continue drinking water until your body feels hungry. Continue drinking throughout the day to keep things flowing and easy to flush. Rule of thumb: for every caffeinated beverage, you need 2 glasses of water. A direct sign of hydration is the color of your urine. Very yellow means dehydrated, while almost clear means hydrated!


3. Eat Light Until Noon

Everybody follows the false notion that you must eat as soon as you get up to start your metabolism, when in fact you need to listen to your body more, it knows what it’s doing. Once your hunger kicks in, have a smoothie or fruits until 12 p.m. Fruits are the easiest to digest, keeping your metabolism running, while giving your digestive system a break. This is when your body is in elimination mode. Packing in hard-to-digest grains and proteins confuse your system to focus on digesting current food, rather than eliminating yesterdays food and ridding toxins and built-up waste.

4. Move More
If you don’t have an active job or you’re in school all day, you need to keep your body moving as much as possible to exert energy and keep those muscles active. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, light stretches or parking further from your destination for a longer walk can help. If you’re hydrating properly, you’ll likely have to go to the bathroom and those frequent walks will keep you mobile.

5. Plan Ahead
Allocate some time to map out your meals for the week. Knowing your options will avoid worry about what you’re going to eat or last minute fast food purchases. If you planned to have something one night and aren’t in the mood, swap with what you planned for the next day. That way, you’re sticking to your meal plan without feeling limited to one choice. Pack lunches or healthy snacks for work to avoid sugar cravings and opting for something unhealthy.

Stick to these five tips and you’ll notice a more healthier, energized and slimmer you. The trick is to not deprive yourself, rather feel accomplished for getting closer to your weight loss goal each day.

Amanda Santalucia

About Amanda Santalucia

Amanda Santalucia, originally from Montreal is a driven Marketing student, currently developing her Advertising career in Toronto. Remaining active as a young adult, her passion for health and fitness sparked several years ago while reading an intriguing health related book. After being diagnosed with various food intolerances shortly following, Amanda began to explore several diets, the effect of stress and different environments on the digestive system, food groupings, food health benefits and more. Currently, she practices a healthy lifestyle, free of gluten, dairy, meat, GMO’s and refined food. Amanda enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and believes in creating foods using healthy alternatives without substituting great taste.

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