5 Ways to Keep Your Energy up on the go!

By on April 23, 2014

On a typical work day, while you are slaving away at your job, keeping your energy up for the duration of eight to twelve hours can be difficult. A day out of the house quickly becomes an expensive one given our options for fast food. Sadly, routinely relying on morning bagels will not do you any good; the nearest cafeteria isn’t lined with trained nutritionists who can tell you exactly what else is mashed into their version of a tuna salad; and ever notice how very little time it takes your hunger to return after you’ve hastily inhaled a cheap granola bar? Sure, there is no time prep, but sugars and starch do not give your body the proper energy and nutrition it requires in a day; It needs more than empty carbohydrates.

Let’s consider our options. It’s Monday and lunch time rolls around. You feel like eating something healthy. How about a salad? That will be seven dollars, please. How about a package of roasted nuts? Four to six dollars. Geeze, this healthy stuff adds up! I once paid a whole dollar for an apple – a bruised and…sweaty one at that. Looking back, I should never have purchased fruit at a movie theatre.

We end of forking over more cash for emergency snacks than we would if we took the time to prepare our own tasty take-aways. A personal vexation of mine: The world operates in a mysterious way. Us humans spend less coin on foods that are not beneficial to our health, and more on the foods of excellence – the ones with all the vitamins, metabolism-boosters, and essential nutrients. Why we should pay more for the foods our bodies need most – It is a contrivance that is completely non-sensical.

Be that as it may. From me to you, here are a few of my own personal tactics for eating well during a busy day. All of these are inexpensive and can be prepared at home.


1. Keep a Stash: A stash of nuts and dried fruit. Nuts play a role in heart health, proper cholesterol levels, weight maintanance, and they are rich in antioxidants. Most of us are aware that nuts are a healthy snack with loads of energy, but it’s all about combinations of your favourite flavours.

Almonds + dried cranberries

Cashews + dried blueberries

Pumpkin seeds + goji berries

Brazil nuts + figs

Walnuts + dried apple

Peanuts + dark chocolate chips!

Peanuts + raisins + dark chocolate chips (a pleasant surprise)


organic barsad419966d26fca4cb4e34c0547687723 (Image Credit: Pinterest)

2. Homemade Healthy Snack Bars (Thanks mom):

1. 1/2 cup honey

2. 1/2 cup peanut butter

3. 1 tbsp coconut oil

4. 2 tbsp maple syrup

5. 1 tsp vanilla

6. 2 cups oats

7. 2 cups rice cereal

8. 1/2 cup roasted nuts (peanuts, almonds)

9. 1 cup dried fruit (cranberries, figs, apricots)

10. 2 tbsp wheat germ

11. 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Oil a large bake dish. Mix all wet ingredients in a saucepan and heat until bubbling. Pour wet into dry, mix quickly. Pour into bake dish and press mixture down hard. Let stand to cool, or refridgerate. Yum.


icecubes2b4f0b3e907c089974b605fc26fd4b2e (Image Credit: Found on movenourishbelieve.lornajane.com.au)

3. Zest up your Ice Cubes: Cucumber, lemon, orange and limes. Slice up one or more of these refreshers and drop them into your filled ice tray. Freeze like regular ice cubes. Later, when you fill your water bottle, pop 1-2 of these little guys in for a refreshing twist on subtle flavour. Especially come summertime, it will aid you in drinking more water.

Also, try substituting coconut water for your regular water. The benefits of coconut water? Potassium, electrolytes, excellent hydration, all natural carbs. Check it out: http://www.refinery29.com/coconut-water


MealPrep9350fa6833cd135d1d1cdad38f7bf713 (Image Credit: Pinterest @Maebeebaybee)

4. Cook for the Week: Prepare seven pieces of chicken or your choice of meat/vegetarian options (which you bought on sale of course!), at the beginning of the week. Cook a grain of your choice (Quinoa, cous cous, rice pasta, brown rice, kasha). Steam a green vegetable (beans! Brocoli! Brussel sprouts! Asparagus! Cabbage!) If you do not love steamed vegetables, raw is also good. Your local fruit & veg market will have the best prices. Now: you have enough healthy meals to last the week. Simply seperate into containers and take with you on the go! My mom does this every week, sometimes every night. It’s an important routine for her because she’s a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and figure competitor!


smoothieee9ebc600a7bde9c31c9e708ab242b68 (Image Credit: Found on thischickcooks.net)

5. Start your Day With a Smoothie: Smoothie beats bagel in an arm wrestle, any day. Whip it up and take it with you! I do this often during the summer. Try almond milk, frozen bananas, almond or peanut butter, cocoa, and ice.

Olivia Lloyd

About Olivia Lloyd

Olivia is a graduate from a joint program at The University of Toronto and Sheridan College, where she studied Theatre & Drama, and English. Currently, she works in promotions, and as a BodyAttack Instructor at GoodLife Fitness. She sings in an acoustic duo with her boyfriend playing her favourite kind of music - 80s soul. Her spare time is spent singing, painting, cooking, learning to play the guitar, and dedicating herself to fitness. She loves writing about health and fitness and hopes she can give readers some new ideas! Favourites: tea, long walks, music. If you are looking for some easy-listening acoustic entertainment, Paul and I are always looking for venues: https://soundcloud.com/pj-oli

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