Worst Beauty Trends

By on May 2, 2014

In fashion and beauty there are these trends we like to refer to as fads. The thing with a fad is that the trend is short lived for two reasons: 1. it was so cool that everyone participated and it became uncool. 2. It was hideous and we all regret jumping on the bandwagon.

I would like to give an advanced apology to anyone I offend in this article – however, if you are still carrying the torch for these beauty trends you may want to reconsider.

The boho look is pretty rad, I will admit. However not everyone can be a hippy. It’s just not your style, and that’s okay. Admire the trend from afar and stay true to yourself. When feather extensions were introduced suddenly everyone decided to be a hippy. Girls in elementary school, moms, administrative assistants…everyone had feathers in their hair. But let’s be honest, you cannot wear a feather in your hair with a pencil skirt. And slowly the tacky trend faded and became a distant memory of the time we all decided to become hippies. RIP feather extensions.


There was this hairstyle that promised heightened hair at the front of your head. I will refer to it as it is most commonly known – the poof. You know, the Snookie poof. I desperately try to understand why so many women felt the need to replicate the hairstyle of Snookie. What benefits did they feel it brought them, and did they think it looked good? Please, it is time to retire the poof. A regular pony tail will suffice.


Let’s move onto nails…a more recent trend that I find incredibly odd. I can understand the claw nails – those can look rad if you have the style. And I get the odd plastic bow stuck to one nail – again, if you have the style for it. But what I don’t get it is the claw nails, or any other kind of nail with 25+ plastic bows and rhinestones, and chains and other objects stuck to your manicure. How are you texting? How are your fingers not throbbing in pain at the end of the day from the added weight? Not to mention, it’s just a tad over-done.


When spray tans were first introduced they were embarrassing. As a strategist in my career, I know that you must first research and test something before it goes live. So why didn’t we try this with spray tan? We all find out the tanning booths are bad and in a panic decide to get cheap spray tan and look like we have been in some sort of nuclear accident. The spray tan has since evolved, but at one point the female population was basically a whole bunch of girls running around looking like the shade of Umpa Lumpa’s. And it was awful. I hope we have all since burned the evidence.


What do you think about guys who slick back their hair with a greasy wad of gel? Not so great, huh. So when women do it – what makes it so trendy? I was ashamed when I saw this look on the red carpet. There was no justification for it. It didn’t look pretty or beautiful. It actually reminded me of someone who just got out of swim practice and ran a comb through their hair and they were good to go. No one can pull this look off.


We’ve had a lot of odd beauty trends come up over the year. And I always wonder why we decide to try them out when we know they won’t stay popular for long, and we’re just doing it to show people we’re trendy. I always wonder what will be next as we keep pushing the limits.

What are some of the worst beauty trends you have participated in?


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