Top 5 Pranks for April Fools

By on March 31, 2014

April 1 st is a day that is the worst for people who have plenty of pranks thrown their way, but awesome for those who have a dozen and a half pranks up their sleeves. Here are 5 pranks to keep you up-to-date and to be on top of the game that is evil, evil, and evil beyond words!


1. Fake Drinkables

This is such a great prank and safe for kids, co-workers and random strangers. It is called the “Undrinkable Juice” but must be prepared a day in advance. Imagine someone making a huge effort to sip! And you will have to hold back giggles when people are trying to sip the fake drink. The recipe is here:



2. Those goooooogly eyes

These are absolutely terrifying. More about being terrifying then a prank…but because it is so scary, it makes it that much more awesome. I would just go buy a whole bag of eyes, and stick it on every single item in your fridge, in your housemate/boyfriend/children’s items. But you might give them a hard attack. Here are some examples from Buzzfeed:

Look how creepy they are…



3. Bad Mouse

This I would save for each of the co-workers on my team. I would come in maybe, 10 minutes earlier, use some office supplies and paste it on. Then each one gets to their desk, and gets absolutely frustrated at 8 am in the morning.



4. Pay me.

This is horrendous, absolutely horrendous. Do you remember when you got your first parking ticket? Yes. Give someone that scare as an April Fools prank; it would be the prank of the lifetime. I would cry and be in disbelief, and ready to call every single police officer I know to fight the ticket. Here is downloadable:



5. The WORST

Play with their mind. The day before, mention every subtle hint that it is “April 1st”, “Good pranks you have in mind”, “Cool things you read online”, so they think that you are going to throw a prank at them, but you really won’t. So on April 1st, at 7am, they are scared, out of their minds that you are going to do something truly from the demon.


Happy pranking babes,


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I am a 21 year old coffee addict, sideline hipster with hobbies bordering granny territories. If I could, I would grow cat ears and live comfortably snuggled up in some old man’s apartment. But I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon, so in the meantime, I am studying towards a career bound to an office chair where I would make water cooler jokes with any poor soul who would listen and look forward to 3 pm coffee breaks that would be the most exciting part of my day. Realistically, I am no more than the average human being wandering the land we call Canada.

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