Top 5 Moisturizers for Men

By on December 27, 2013

Don’t get me wrong, I dig a guy who can rough it out back. Make me a camp fire, scare off wild animals, and possibly build me a book shelf when the time is right. You know the kind of guy I’m talking about, right? Not a lumberjack, but a guy’s guy. As a Canadian female I know the value of a man who can shovel a driveway. Those qualities aside, I think I speak for all women when I say a guy’s grooming upkeep is equally as important as those ‘other’ qualities women appreciate. We have the elevator look too – it’s called Shoes. Clothes. Grooming. That’s what we’re checking out.

I’m new to Toronto City Gossip, so if you haven’t read it already – I wrote an article about the “Top 5 Moisturizers for Winter” targeted toward women. It occurred to me that it would be extremely contradictory of me to not write about the top 5 moisturizers for men, when I’m so concerned about a man’s grooming upkeep. So, I found a few that have worked for some of my male friends.


Top5MenConsonant for men


I swear by Consonants Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin. That’s why I also recommended the male version of this cream to a male friend of mine who also swears by it. Face creams suit both the high maintenance and low maintenance man. A quick pump of the bottle on your way out of the washroom after a shower is all you need, and your face will be nice and smooth…and that is a really good thing.


Top5Menhelping hands


Girls like to hold hands with guys. However, we don’t like holding onto calloused, chapped, dry hands. I know what’s up, “I’m crossfitter”, and “I lift heavy weights and it causes callouses”. But callouses don’t make you a man; they make you a man with hands I don’t want to touch. So soften those hands! They will still remain manly – I promise, and let hand-holding live on! Go to Lush and pick up a carton of Helping Hands lotion and keep those strong-man-hands smooth.


Top5MenOlive scrub


Many women and men fear feet. They are not exactly the most stunning body part. But let me tell you, the reason I probably don’t want to cuddle you is because your feet are grossing me out. I’m not asking a guy to go and see a manscaper every weekend, but I do appreciate a guy who takes care of his feet. All it takes is a little scrubbing, and a little moisturizer. Use Olive Body Scrub from the Body Shop. Why? Because it does both of those things. In the shower grab a scoop with your fingers and scrub away. You will have soft cuddle-worthy feet…and sandal appropriate feet as well (keep the female elevator look in mind, if we look for shoes and you’re wearing sandals you better hope you used your scrub that day).


Top5menRocky Mountain lotion


I have to cut guys a little slack. It’s tough to find a good quality body lotion that doesn’t have an offensive, or strong, or fruity scent. Body lotions are generally marketed to women and they are jacked with fruity scents. I love Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Organic Unscented body lotion. It doesn’t smell and it works, which makes it a great product for men as well. Men are equally as susceptible to dry skin in the winter as women are. So don’t ignore your body guys! Use this lotion to keep your skin smooth and resistant of the lizard skin. Because no one likes that look.




Men are naturally attracted to scents that are food based. This may explain why so many products for women are scented with vanilla, and fruits. But women like those scents as well. I can’t say that I would be attracted to a man wearing a lotion scented like strawberries, but I wouldn’t mind kissing a guy who’s lips smelled like that! Pure + Simple’s Lime scented Lipbalm is perfect for any outdoors man who is prone to chapped lips. When I’m going in for a kiss I’m probably going to be a little grossed out if his lips are chapped. Actually I’m going to be a lot grossed out and make the situation awkward by turning my face and making it a kiss on the cheek. Lip balm is a powerful tool for any man looking for love.

There are high maintenance men and there are low maintenance men. Quite frankly, I don’t really care what either of those labels mean, as long as there is some form of grooming upkeep going on. The products I listed above will keep any kind of guy moisturized for the winter. It can even carry on into the summer. But dry skin is never dapper, and keeping it smooth shows girls and your loved one that you’re making an effort. And we like that!

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