Top 5 Beauty Don’ts

By on January 31, 2014

Make-up is there to help us out and enhance our features. It takes practice and skill to get it right, but eventually most of us master it to the best of our abilities. However, some of us are delusional when it comes to our make-up and beauty skills. There are times where we really need an outsider’s opinion…but outsiders just don’t have the guts to tell we look a little bit overdone.

I was in the grocery store with my friend and she pointed out a girl who had drawn her eyebrows on her face. There’s nothing wrong with waxing off both your eyebrows and drawing them on; if you’re an artist who is a perfectionist when it comes to symmetry and flattering shaping. But these eyebrows were bad. They were about the distance apart of Burt’s eyebrows – the puppet from Sesame Street who had a uni-brow – so they basically weren’t separated at all. And they were about the width of a pin. I wondered – has her close friends told her it’s not a flattering look?

I’d like to introduce you to the “Top 5 beauty don’ts”. These are beauty tips that prove when taking it to the next level is not a good look.



• Eyebrows

Since eyebrows were the inspiration for this piece, I thought I would start here. Don’t go crazy with some concept shape you saw in a magazine. I promise it won’t look good. Your eyebrows are not hockey sticks or Nike swoosh’s. Go to a professional and get them shaped. It will change your life.



• Foundation

Foundation is great for making your complexion look even. Its purpose is to make your skin one consistent shade. Don’t buy a shade of foundation that is darker than your actual skin tone. You won’t look tan – you will look like you have a dark face with a light body. Use the back of your wrist to match the foundation to your actual skin tone.



• Mascara

You do not need 8-10 coats of mascara on your eyelashes. If you would like your eyelashes to look like spider legs, or matted together clumps of eyelashes that will separate all your lashes into 5 parts on the top and bottom then go absolutely nuts with the mascara. Otherwise, get wispy long lashes with three coats tops.



• Lipstick

Pink lipstick is really pretty. Pink lipstick that blends into your skin tone and gives the optical illusion that you don’t actually have lips is not pretty. Pink lipstick that makes you lips look bright white is also not pretty. Lining your skin-tone-coloured lips with a dark lip liner will not make it right. Go for a light pink shade of lipstick that compliments your skin’s undertones. Talk to a beauty consultant if you are unsure what this means.



• Bronzer

The purpose of bronzer is to give your face a sun-kissed glow. Not a half-baked, super shiny, heavily applied look. When you use bronzer all-over it gives what I call the lifeguard effect. It looks like you’ve been out in the sun all day to the point that you have a leathery look, especially when it’s applied heavily. Since bronzer usually has highlighters in it, it sets into imperfections and enhances them. Keep it light on the bronzer – it will still give you a glow.


Not everyone is an artist, and applying make-up can be difficult, especially if it’s new to you. To keep yourself from being a victim to a beauty-don’t, go to a consultant who can share tips and tricks with you that are simple, yet enhancing. And practice makes perfect! If you are trying something new, take a picture of yourself – it will help with the ‘outsiders’ opinion when you don’t actually have anyone around to tell you if it looks good or bad.
Good luck!

About Caitlin Melvin

Caitlin is a fashionista and beauty lover who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends and products. She is passionate about social media and marketing and enjoys blogging in her spare time. On the weekends you will find her socializing with friends, dressed up and ready for a night on the town! Visit Caitlins' site and follow her on twitter @CaitlinAM


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