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By on March 14, 2011

To begin, I will admit that my favourite exercise is sleeping. So when I received a deal for yoga classes I was initially hesitant to actually get up and move. With a little bit of peer pressure and self-convincing I seized the moment and made a decision that I will never regret.

LiV Yoga studio, located at 155 Liberty St. East, is a small, cozy and soothing studio that focuses specifically on hot yoga. Its featured charm includes the same architectural beauty of tall studio like ceilings, exposed rustic columns and tall industrial windows found in the general Liberty Village area. Their classes accommodate any schedule, from the early riser with 7 a.m. classes to the busy bee with 9 p.m. classes.

Classes are available for those with little or no experience (such as myself,) well practiced students and the seasoned veterans. There are classes for relaxation, re-energizing, classes to flow and move in, and classes for building endurance and strength. A bonus feature, which I strongly endorse, is their 4 week foundations course that prepares you for everything the yogis will throw at you, but the true praise goes to the yogis themselves. They are nothing short of excellent. They will soothe you, guide you and support you at whatever level you are at. Whether you stumble, sway or fall there will never be a sour stare but a supporting “laugh it off and release the tension.” Allow me to stop describing my piece of heaven and tell you about my first experience (which has shaped my adoration for LiV Yoga Studio.)

As soon as we entered the studio, a large mat with shoes greets you. Yes, no shoes allowed; you are stripped of the footwear that disconnects you from the earth and of your voice which dims to a soft whisper. The atmosphere I walked into instantly shredded my first layer of stress. Cubby style storage allowed us to stash our jackets, bags and all other unnecessary items before we were ushered through thick, theatrical curtains into a heated room where soft music played and some earlier arrivals were laying on their mats breathing into relaxation. My first comment was “It’s too hot in here, there’s NO WAY I can do this!” But I did, I relaxed my breathing, followed Toni’s instruction (The co-founder of the studio and possibly my new hero of relaxation,) and walked out an hour and a half later feeling like asphalt had become cloud.

I strongly suggest that if you are interested in Yoga, you give this studio a try. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.



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