World Mastercard Fashion Week Toronto (2012) Part 3: Special Show Highlights

By on November 21, 2012

Special Show Highlights

Below, you’ll find more details about some of the shows we absolutely loved and felt created a truly one-of-a-kind fashion experience!

Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan’s collection was the perfect combination of feminine, flirty, and fun. We loved how pastel tones were matched and used as neutrals. The construction of the pieces were kept relatively simple while the vintage style, the use of different textures, and the use of metallic accent pieces brought out the fun in the outfit. As always, Pink Tartan’s designs looked extremely classy and elegant. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less with Kimberly Mimran as the head designer!

Joe Fresh

We mentioned in our trends section how much we loved that World MasterCard Fashion Week displayed many designs that looked like they could be worn in everyday life. This is one of the main reasons why we love Joe Fresh – they really present extraordinary fashion for the ordinary person! The designs presented at the show were fun and versatile; they could easily be worn by younger and older fashionistas alike and many of the pieces easily transitioned from casual to dressy.


Korhani Home has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to their fashion week shows. What is so interesting about Korhani is that they are actually a home furnishings company, mainly specializing in rugs; they then take those same rugs from their collection and transform them into designer fashion pieces. This show was by far the most fun as it introduced the collection through different themes such as the 1920s Flapper. There were also 2 special guests in this show – 2 parrots!


Beautiful women, beautiful clothing, beautiful story. This is what we loved about Allistyle.

Allistyle is a plus-size women’s clothing line that began when Alli Shapiro along with her mother Pam Shainhouse set out to create a plus-size label that was not only figure-flattering but also trendy and fashionable. Alli suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a disease which caused her to have bouts of weight loss and gain, making it hard to find clothes that fit. Alli sadly passed away in 2006 but her mother Pam has carried on the legacy. We love the meaning and purpose that Allistyle brings to fashion. Rather than just focusing on the art of fashion, Allistyle has fashioned itself into a vehicle for social change and the use of fashion as a way to make women feel great about themselves and their shape again. A percentage of Allistyle’s proceeds are used to support Alli’s Journey, a registered charity for young adults with cancer.

We found the story to be extremely touching and it reminded us that fashion can be used to serve a greater purpose than just looking good but we also loved the styles! Allistyle perfectly captured the purpose of basics in their SS1213 collection; the pieces involved a mix of black, white, and rich colours which added a pop to the outfits. As they were all basic, the pieces could easily be mixed and matched to create a variety of new outfits. Whitney Thompson, winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 10 signed on to be the face of the brand in 2010 and appeared as a model at the fashion show.


Every little girl (and probably even some little boys) has fantasized about what their dream weddings would be like. We had the privilege of witnessing part of that process up close and personal at the Paraezo Bridal Couture show and we were giddy like school girls. In the SS1213 collection, Paraezo brought back the idea of incorporating elements of nature. With soft lines, naturally flowing sweet dresses, Paraezo’s gowns are sure to make every girl look like a goddess on her special day. Each dress in the collection was very ornate and we felt that Paraezo really fit the bill in terms of ‘Fashion making dreams come true’.


Triarchy was one of the more unique shows presented at this week’s fashion week. They really roped in us with their sexy denim-focused collection. The show incorporated rope well into the marine theme and we absolutely loved how creative the designers got with denim! For women, we loved the tie dye jean and it was great to see the degrade on the men’s denim! The black denim with metallic accents was a fantastic example of a piece that can easily be dressed up or dressed down, as the occasion requires. Although the entire collection was chic and unique, our favourite part was seeing one of Triarchy’s own designers, Anya feature as a model in the show with a stunning pair of black jeans with metallic accents.

Whitney Linen

From linen to luxury – that’s the transformation Whitney Linen showed us with their latest collection! The different soft pastel colours created a demure look while the pearl accents bumped up the sophistication of the outfit. While we felt all the looks were fantastic, what struck us about Whitney Linen is how they managed to create so many different pieces that have visual interest with the use of only linen. Now that’s what we call innovative!


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