Running Into An Ex

By on June 3, 2014

You’re out with your friends having the best time of your life and BAM…your ex walks in. You’re at the grocery store buying ice cream because you had the worst day of your life and you’re totally wearing track pants and a sloppy white tee and BAM…your ex is B-lining it straight for you.

C’mon man!

Running into your ex is that moment when you are totally cool. You’re doing fine. You’ve got your own thing going on, and suddenly you see a past situation of heartbreak, irritation, loud fights, and intense rage in body form headed in your direction and there is nowhere to hide.

We have all been there. We have had relationships that we’ve broken off, and have been broken off by the other. Sometimes the break-off was cool and there’s zero tension and running into an ex is refreshing. But in many cases calling a run-in with your ex refreshing is like kicking a dog in the face. It’s just not right.

So what do you do in a case like this? Do you pretend to not see them and wait for them to say hi? Do you bite the bullet and act like it’s all good in the hood and say ‘Oh hey! How are you, so nice to see you!‘?

It depends on the situation.

1. If you are drunk at a club, bar, day-drunk on a patio…whatever the case is – if you have been consuming alcohol avoid the situation. You want to look like the better person, and not a sloppy drunk who is drinking their pain away. Get it together, take a shot and get out of there immediately. If they see you… this is the one time where you can pretend to not see them. Do you really want to greet your ex with a mouth-full of slurred words along the lines of ‘Hey….IIIIIII’m sooooooo good without you now. I hope your get rrrun over by a bus. Look at how good I look. I don’t neeeeed you.’ No. You don’t, because that is embarrassing. Go somewhere else and give your phone to your friend so you don’t drunk text.

2. My theory is to always dress well and look my best when I go out in public because you never know when you’ll run into your worst enemy or a cute guy…or your ex. HOWEVER, sometimes after work or the gym I need to quickly run errands and I look really bad. And guess what? That’s when I run into my ex or a guy I’ve dated. Perfect. In this situation I do my best to avoid that person. Go into ninja mode and dodge around whatever objects are in my path to stay incognito. If ninja mode fails, say hi anyway. Chances are they’ve seen this look on you before. Boost up your confidence, smile, and take it like a boss.

3. The most ideal situation to run into your ex is when you are looking and feeling your ultimate self and your are with your best girlfriends (or bros if you’re a guy). If you’re lucky, you’re looking like hot property with a flock of flirtatious good looking guys (or girls) surrounding you. You ex is going to be intimidated whether they show it or not. Here is where you play it cool. Don’t let onto your friends that you see your ex, look up and casually wave, and say “Oh hey” with a big smile. That’s the money situation right there. You don’t care that you’re ex just walked in. You’re too busy deciding which one of these hotties are coming home with you tonight (even though they might not be – you can just pretend that situation is going to manifest when really you’re going home with an extra-large McDonald’s fries)

Running into your ex is awkward – and I stated in my previous dating-related post, I’m the queen of awkward dates. Gauge the situation, but remember, unless you’re drunk, if you make eye contact you must say hi. Never let an ex see your pain, you will regret it later. Slap on a smile and some fake or real confidence and enjoy your night. Show that ex-lover that you are having the time of your life without them!

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