Frizz Be Gone!

By on May 27, 2014

My hair is forever frizzy. Regardless of what products I use, or how often I wash or condition it, my hair is out of control. I’ve learned to accept the frizz, and even embrace it; most people know me for my large and in charge bed-head. If I’m being honest, my hair has basically started naturally dreading itself… but I work with it! I’ve realized that although many people compliment me on my “natural beachy waves”, most women wouldn’t be caught dead with hair like mine. I haven’t brushed it in almost two years, and only wash it once a week (if that). I’ve learned to accept the hair that I was given, and let it bask in its natural glory. But for most presentable women, my hair regime would not be an option. If you’re like me, and revel in your wild mane: you go girl! But if you’re like the other 99.9% of the female population (and take great pride in having silky, frizz-free locks), follow these steps to avoid the frizz:

Step 1: Take a step back from the shampoo

I know many women that think the secret to luscious, smooth hair is to wash it every day. THIS COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG! Shampooing your hair too often actually dries it out, so try to go at least three days before washing. If the thought of taking a break from shampoo scares you (as it does for most women), take it slowly, and try to wash it every other day to start. The summer is a perfect time for this experiment, as nothing looks cuter than a big floppy hat or a sleek topknot (to hide the inevitable grease in the first few weeks).

Step 2: Deep condition once a week

Instead of coating your hair with conditioner every time you shower, try a deep conditioning mask once a week. Conditioner weighs your hair down, and if you have natural curl it can leave your hair looking limp and lifeless. Combat frizz and keep your hair smooth by applying a deep conditioning hair mask once (or twice) a week. It will leave you frizz-free and moisturized, but without the greasy afterglow of a regular conditioner.


Step 3: Stop towel-drying!

I know this sounds ridiculous, but try not to towel dry your hair anymore. Aggressively attacking your wet hair with a towel is only going to break your strands and ruin your hair follicles, so gently squeeze the water out of your locks and use a fresh cloth to press the rest of the moisture out. Something like a ShamWow (yes… I know) actually works wonders and removes the water without losing your hair’s moisture.

Step 4: Put down the blow dryer

NOTHING will make your hair frizzier than a blow dryer. I know for many women it is a staple in their daily hair regime, but the blow dryer is the number one culprit for drying out hair. To be honest, applying any sort of heat is going to dry out your hair and increase the frizziness once humidity hits, but I do understand the importance of a straightening iron in many women’s lives. If possible, try to wash your hair in the evenings, allowing your hair to dry naturally while you sleep.

Have a tip that’s worked for you to combat frizz? Let me know below and maybe (hopefully) help me save my hair before I’m in full-on cavewoman mode!

Megan Dussin

About Megan Dussin

Megan is a marketing student living in Toronto, working in fashion merchandising. She spends her time scouring thrift stores and flea markets for the perfect vintage pieces, sipping coffee on her balcony with friends, and exploring the city on foot. Obsessions include anything black, leather, or shiny. Follow her on Instagram at @megadeexo

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