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By on March 21, 2014

The Youtube world is fun and full of so much to explore. Toronto is full of our very own Youtube superstars. Lauren who is the face and brains behind LaurDIY is a dedicated, creative and energetic young lady who is taking over the Youtube seen. She has developed a large following as she shares her love for fashion, beauty and do it yourself crafts. I had the pleasure of interviewing Laur, so let’s get to it.


What sparked your love for YouTube?
As soon as I realized YouTube was ‘a thing’, I was obsessed. I watched my first few hair tutorials, somehow got onto haul videos and beauty routines and before I knew it it was like 3AM. I was instantly hooked on the fact that these girls were totally normal, but were sharing their lives, routines, product reviews or whatever they were chatting about straight from their bedrooms. So much creativity and personality poured out of every YouTuber I watched and I loved the idea that we were all coming together on this online platform with similar interests but from all over the world.

Do you remember the first video you watched, that inspired you?
I think the first video I ever watched was a no heat hair tutorial. It sucks to be this negative about it, but it was horrible quality and I was looking to share content around beauty, style and DIY and I guess this video just served as inspiration and motivation to deliver high quality content that people would be looking for.

& on a more positive note, as I got more engrossed into the YouTube world, I fell in love with the personalities of different girls that they channeled from their bedrooms. It was totally inspiring to see people share their opinions, creativity and love for content sharing, so much so that I wanted to be apart of it in front of a camera rather than in front of the computer.

How did you get the idea for your channel?
My channel actually happened by accident to be honest! When I was looking for a creative outlet in my first year of University, I spent weeks on weeks researching the process of getting a blog up and running. So the videos I created were solely for the purpose of being embedded into my blog. I had no idea YouTube was a ‘thing’, and it was slowly growing in the background while I was focused on my blog!

Who is your YouTube inspiration?
My fav gurus consist of Claire Marshall from heyclaire, Sammi from beautycrush, Jenn Im from clothesencounters and obviously everyone knows and loves Bethany Mote from macbarbie07! I also love essiebutton who’s in the UK now but is originally from Canada.

What is your favourite video of your own?
I have two! It’s definitely a tie between my DIY Loofah Halloween tutorial and a recent DIY Kimono tutorial! I think there are pros and cons to filming all sorts of videos, with a DIY it can be insanely time consuming, but filming the final product is really rewarding and always fun, but I also love just doing chatty tag videos where I get to answer some questions or talk about whatever from my subscribers!

How would you describe your personal style?
I guess I would say my style is a mix of edgy city girl with a love for all things ‘cali-girl’ style. If I could wear a killer pair of high waisted shorts every day with my combat boots or converse, I totally would.

Favourite Toronto boutiques & places to shop?
I love all the generic stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Brandy Melville, but I do a ton of online shopping. Necessary Clothing, Nastygal & ASOS are personal favourites. As for Toronto boutiques, there are a few amazing thrift and home décor stores down on Queen West around the Trinity Bellwoods area that I absolutely love visiting.

You have such a busy, what kind of advice would you give to a student with a hectic schedule?
Time management is everything. I always tell myself I’m going to make a colour coded schedule, and of course that doesn’t happen but I do live by my agenda. Especially in exam time or a stressful period of school with lots of assignments due, I have to really focus on internal deadlines for myself to make sure everything gets done without any hair loss occurring.

What about Toronto inspires you?
I wouldn’t be a true Torontonian if I didn’t say the street style has definitely served as inspiration. I’m from a smaller city just an hour away, but I 100% have outfits that I would never wear there as opposed to a regular day in Toronto. The city is so diverse and allows for so much personal creativity without judgment (not saying my hometown is judge-y but even AA Disco Pants are a little much for a regular school day there). I also love the different districts and neighbourhoods that are scattered all around Toronto. It’s so cool being able to take the street car for 15 minutes and feel like you’re in a completely different city.

What do we have to look forward to from LAURDIY?
DIYs forever! Well maybe not forever, but as long as I’m doing YouTube I’ll be crafting up something! Amazing doors keep opening as others come to a close, so who knows what the future will have in store for me!


Once again, thank you Lauren. It was my pleasure to share your love for being creative. If you need a tip on beauty, where to go shopping or how to spice up your bedroom with a fun and easy DIY project than Laur is your girl. This Toronto girls positive energy will surely serve as a positive influence, friend or fashion assistant.


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Andrea McDonald

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