The Fashionista’s Guide to Yonge and Dundas

By on June 20, 2014

I like the idea of partaking in experiences that are unique from the status quo. In a city whose sheer population is the largest—and arguably most diverse—in the country, it’s not exactly difficult to seek out these unique experiences. Sometimes, the most refreshing moments occur when we take what’s already known to us and fashion it in a new light. For most Torontonians, Yonge and Dundas is not a new destination. Year-round, this downtown hotspot boasts bright lights, large crowds and plenty of high street fashion retailers. In other words, it is a commercial hub that lures people from all over the city. For fashionistas, navigating Yonge and Dundas—from the Eaton Centre to the Square—is a matter of good strategy. With its extensive line of retail offerings, even the most dedicated of souls could not possibly rummage through every store during a single shopping excursion. It’s also true that the character of the stores at Yonge and Dundas themselves is not exactly ‘one-of-a-kind’ or ‘vintage’; by and large, these mass retailers are ones you can also find in other shopping sites. And yet, for those who criticize Yonge and Dundas for its hyper-commercialism, I would urge you to take a step back and remember the perks of having so many budget-friendly retailers in one place! The secret involves knowing what to look for and where to go for it, and I’m here to help you figure this out! Below are my list of tips for fashionistas planning an outing to our beloved downtown core.


1. Preparation

The real gift that mass retail bestows on us lies in the convenience of browsing online. Companies like Aldo, Zara, Urban Outfitters and Sephora give customers an opportunity to log online and look at what is available each season. While I can appreciate that many people are uncomfortable purchasing online without trying things on, no one said anything about buying. My advice is to take a browse in the comfort of your own home, get a feel for what you might be interested in trying on and, overall, be less overwhelmed and more efficient once you physically reach the store.


2. Fuel

Fashionistas need fuel like they need shoes. In the midst of your shopping trip, don’t forget about the local restaurants near Yonge and Dundas you can stop at to grab a bite and take a breather. Every experienced shopper knows that the key to sustaining themselves and keeping energy levels up is to give their body the break it deserves. My top three savoury selections, just a hop and a skip away, are:

1. B Espresso

2. Banh Mi Boys

3. La Bettola Di Terroni


3. Specialties

After years of shopping, observation and thought, I have deciphered my personal take on what certain retailers do well. These are not necessarily what the stores themselves profess to specialize in (i.e. trendy footwear, formal dresses), but, rather, they are my curated and honest thoughts on which places do what best and, for that matter, consistently.

Here’s my Yonge and Dundas edition:


Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Aldo, Shoes: Guess, Belt: Ann Taylor, T-Shirt: Adidas Originals, Books: Urban Outfitters, Ring and Necklace: Forever 21, Jacket: Topshop

Go to…

Zara for Summer Skirts

Aldo for Sunglasses

Guess for Shoes

Ann Taylor for Belts

Adidas for Graphic Prints

Urban Outfitters for Books That Make Great Gifts

Forever 21 for Jewelry

Topshop for Jackets

In a place that thrives on bright lights, large crowds and mass retail, how does one aspire to uniqueness and distinction in the quality of their shopping and leisure experience? Well, first thing’s first: Yonge and Dundas as a destination is not to be overlooked. In addition to reliable retailers you can expect to carry on-trend offerings, there are some other great assets that are sure to entice, like the urban beach or Elmwood Spa! Now then, what are you waiting for?

Krystin Chung

About Krystin Chung

While other kids were busy playing hopscotch, I could usually be found in my closet, playing dress-up or making one of multiple daily outfit changes. Currently pursuing a BA in Art History and Communication Studies, I think of myself as a burgeoning fashion writer, eager to use my knowledge, love for fashion and creative eye to bring you only the best.

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