Bargain Shopping In Yorkville

By on June 14, 2014

Shopping in Yorkville is a Torontonians favourite past time; wandering up and down the beautiful little streets while sipping on an espresso. Who doesn’t love Yorkville? Well I can think of someone… your wallet. Yes, Yorkville is an amazing place to spend time, but it’s difficult to shop there on a budget. Here are a few stores and tricks that make shopping in Yorkville easier and will surely make you addicted to bargain shopping in Yorkville.

Divine Decadence Originals, located at 128 Cumberland Street. This is an amazing little boutique which every fashionista must visit! The owner Carmelita Blondet has a killer eye for vintage fashion. Here you can find an amazing piece for under $200 and the best part is that you get the same experience as you would when shopping in a designer store.


Maxi Boutique located 27 Bellair Street carries brands ranging to Versace. If you do go in with a budget of $200 you will most definitely find a piece suited for you, but shopping amongst Versace makes it feel as though you don’t have a limited budget. This store allows you to save your money, but feel as though you spent a fortune.


Winners located at 110 Bloor Street. This location is probably one of the best; they carry multiple brand names including Gucci and YSL. They also have the runway section where you can buy fabulous pieces that are a part of the latest collections. Although the designer experience isn’t there, the name is; so you get the brands that you want for a quarter of the price.


Anthropologie, located at 80 Yorkville Ave E; although this store isn’t a little boutique it feels as though it is. The quality is amazing; each piece is carefully created and cared for. Even if you do go into the store and spend $40 on a simple tank or costume jewelry, it will look like you spent hundreds. The best thing is that Anthropologie offers a wide range of spending options, allowing you to stay on budget but find a killer piece.


Some tips to keep in mind:

– The best bargains will be found around noon, this is usually the time stores get their shipments in, which means you get the best variety.

– Call the store to ask them if they have received new items in, boutiques do not receive daily shipments. Calling them not only saves you time, but it allows you to create a better relationship with the shop owner; therefore the closer you are with the shop owner the more likely they are to fill you in on the pieces they are getting and when.

– The best shopping day is usually a Thursday, this is because you get to see the pieces they received earlier on in the week, and some stores receive more clothes as the week carries on. So the later in the week you visit the store, the better their collection gets!

– When shopping be open minded; the bargain won’t easily present itself to you. Always calculate how much you are saving, or if the item is really worth it.

– Always look for quality… it’s not a bargain if the piece falls apart easily.

– Finally, be prepared to enter several stores. Not all stores in Yorkville are targeted for the bargain shopper. Therefore it will take some time, and a very careful eye!

Good luck and have fun!

Mackenzie Cammisuli

About Mackenzie Cammisuli

I’m just a girl who adores fashion. I love to browse online, wander in and out of stores as if I’m in an art gallery and truly get lost in the art of creating clothes.“I bought a Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.”(I’m a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw) Is probably the description of my life, with a dash of sass! Follow me on Instagram @kenziecamxo

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