Is it time to panic in Blue Jay Paradise?

By on June 23, 2014

Only in Toronto are there calls for a manager’s job when the team is not only over .500, but is leading the American League East. The Blue Jays have been on a tear all season long looking like one of the best baseball teams in the MLB. They have surprised a lot of their opponents by winning close games or by simply blowing teams out with their potent offence. The Blue Jays, in May and early June, became one of the most feared teams in baseball; going from near the bottom to the top in their division. No one could have imagined that a Blue Jays team, which came in dead last in the A.L. East a season ago, would be in first this year at all, let alone this late into the season.

After all the good, the bad is finally starting to creep up on them. After not having many lengthy injuries early in the season, with exception of center fielder Colby Rasmus for most of June, Jose Reyes is showing wear and tear in his knee after fouling a ball off of it in a series against the Cincinnati Reds. In that same Series, right fielder and captain, Jose Bautista, pulled up running to first favouring his knee. Also, Brett Lawrie, who has been bounced back and forth between second and third this season, and who has just come back from a sore hand after getting hit by a pitch multiple times, was hit yet again in the hand. Both Jose and Brett were forced out of the Sunday game with the Reds. Lawrie appears to be headed to the disabled list, which will leave a major hole in the Jays infield defense. Moreover, Adam Lind cannot do much more than pinch hit after fouling a ball off of his foot and can’t run very well for the time being.

In addition to the injuries, the Jays bats have gone ice cold. After taking the load off their starting pitching the bats have gone cold and, despite a few major outbursts, they look very hesitant at the plate. The starting pitching was being protected by timely hitting, but now the pitchers need to shut out opponents themselves in case the offence doesn’t come around. Even the untouchable Mark Buehrle looks to have come down to earth, losing 3 straight games after starting the season 10-1.

The Blue Jays are looking to weather the storm after a red hot May. The pace that the Blue Jays were on was never expected to continue for the entire season because as everyone knew, in a 162 game season, they would cool off. Because the Jays had built up such a lead, the losing streak has not affected them in the standings and they remain in first place. The pace they were on has helped them in this extended slump. The lead they had built themselves in the AL East has dwindled down and the Yankees are right on their tails as they come to visit the Rogers center for a series that will decide 1st place.

Is it still time to panic in Toronto? Not yet, but if the Jays don’t stay healthy and start winning ball games I am calling for someone to hit the panic button.

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