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By on April 5, 2011

The sun is shining and the cold winter months are fading into the past. “Sigh” the snow season has finally come to an end, however, my craving for soup awakens. Coming from an Eastern European background, soup is pretty much any meal starter, with the exception of breakfast. On this day I find myself with an undeniable craving for soup. I want it and I must have it immediately! And so my search begins to find a delicious soup, and maybe a wrap too.

I looked online and even began messaging some of my foodie friends for recommendations. Everyone gave me a generic response or offered places in which I have been disappointed in the past – no names will be provided this time. I wanted variety and something different. Then it dawned on me! An out of town friend had once mentioned Ravi’s Soup’s to me, insisting I try it. Located on the North side of Adelaide St., after Peter St., was the destination I needed to reach immediately. I wanted nothing more at this moment in time than to fulfill my craving for soup and enjoy a healthy hearty lunch. So I talked my girl friend into accompanying me on my adventure for soup and a wrap.


My search was over and my mission was almost complete. I get to Ravi Soup’s and experience nothing but choices and decisions that I have to make promptly but wisely. Displayed before me is a menu full of a selection of wraps, soups and even salads. Soup and wrap combo it is. I ordered the curried lamb wrap and the porcini mushroom bisque. My mom makes the best mushroom soup however this porcini mushroom bisque was beyond delicious. It was light with a perfect amount of mushrooms and the astounding taste of black truffle oil drizzled on top. The portion was larger then I had initially expected. The first bite of the curried lamb wrap was an explosion in my mouth of goodness. One of those “MMmm, MMmm, Mmm’s.” I was hooked. The spice in the lamb, the sweetness of the mango and yam, the hint of mint, the savory taste of cilantro and baby spinach topped off with pineapple salsa “WOW’d” me.

If you ever find yourself wanting a soup and sandwich or wrap, Ravi Soups is the place to go. For the quality of the food, the price point isn’t so bad. About $10.99 for a regular sized wrap is priced decent as it is a very filling and massive wrap. I would recommend the soup and wrap combo, so you get the best of both worlds. The combo portions are a bit smaller than the regular sized portions so you can fit both of them in your belly. This is definitely a must-try. Enjoy!


322 Adelaide Street West

Toronto, ON

M5V 1R1

(647) 435-8365

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