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By on February 24, 2011

I am extremely selective when it comes to the salon I go to, to get my nails done. The place doesn’t have to be fabulous looking by any means. All I ask is that it’s clean – everything is properly sanitized, they’re friendly, try to get to know you on a personal level (especially if you’re a reoccurring customer) and they actually take the time to do the nails. There is nothing worse than being rushed out of the seat so that they can try and get more customers in during the day. That is NOT what I call good customer service. If you want returning customers – give them all the TLC that their nails deserve and in the long run you will be banking more.

Anyway, as I mentioned I am very fussy when it comes to my nails. I have been getting my nails done artificially since I was about 14 years old. I think the very first time was for my grade eight grad. Since I started at such a young age and had no idea what I was doing I had ruined my nails by going to different salons all the time trying to find one that worked well for me. I started out as an acrylic lover, and then moved to “UV Gel”. I am proud to say that I am an official Bio Gel convert – trying desperately to bring my nail bed back to life. I found a place in Burlington that really worked for me. They used UV Gel “Pink and white” powder for that ultra sexy thick white line that I use to love and I’m sure most women in their late teens/early twenties experience going through that phase. It wasn’t just the way my nails were done that kept me going there – it was the personal experience. The family was so welcoming, they were personal, friendly and the place was probably one of the cleanest salons I have ever been to (Crystal Nails – Walkers Line).

After moving downtown Toronto I found myself in a familiar position, I was again on a hunt to find myself a new salon that was close to home and hopefully exceeded my expectations. I had tried Pinky Nails on Church Street but they didn’t last very long. I had also tried “Time For Nails” on Bay – they were beautiful but according to a different place I went to get my refill I had a bit of bacteria growing under one nail. Now, I don’t know if that was some form of gimmick to get me to switch salons or it truly was there. Needless to say I didn’t chance it and kept searching.

One evening I was at the LCBO with my best friend on a vodka run when a hand with beautiful nails had caught my eye. The woman beside me, who was also picking up her Belvedere for the evening, had gorgeous nails! I immediately asked her if she didn’t mind telling me where she went. She turned to face me with a friendly smile accompanied by blushing rosy cheeks and replied “Nail Attraction on Yonge – ask for Vivian. I have been going there for years”. I am pretty sure I thanked her about three times and probably told her how much of a difficult time I was having trying to find an exceptional place to go to (I took after my Mother and tend to supply unnecessary information on occasion).

When someone can tell me the name of the place, the name of their nail technician and that they’ve been a returning customer more than three times I am automatically at ease and extremely excited to test it out. I had nails on from a different place so it took me a couple weeks to get in there (I learned at a young age ripping off nails isn’t the greatest idea and I simply don’t have the patience to sit for an hour with my nails soaking in acetone) but I was on a new mission to check this place out.

Upon arrival at the salon the first thing I notice is the cleanliness. It’s not the largest or the most fancy place – but for a nail salon the décor isn’t what I am all about. It was clean, friendly and surprisingly busy! I was told to wait “five minutes” but if you’re a nail connoisseur like me you know that “five minutes” in nail salon lingo means no less than fifteen minutes – so I decided to take a walk along Yonge to a near by Starbucks and come back. When I returned I was served immediately. I had told them I was refereed to their salon from a woman I met at the liquor store. Vivian had told me that a lot of her new customers are usually referrals. This also made me smile. At this point in time I was an official “Bio Gel” convert. I was observing my surroundings while the tips were being glued on ever so gently, and to my surprise I realized that the salon barely smelled of that very strong, terrible acrylic smell. Usually places like this reek of chemicals. I came to the conclusion this was probably because they mainly specialize in “Bio Gel” nails. That earned them another star up on my fridge, that’s for sure!

Vivian was very quiet but friendly. She didn’t appear too serious but was very focused. She smiled when I spoke to her and acknowledged me – which I enjoyed. She made sure she didn’t just make the decisions for me and assumed I would love them – she asked me if I wanted them round, square or square-round. She also inquired about the length I desired, how thick or thin I wanted them to be and if I wanted a permanent French manicure line so that it didn’t chip off or a specific colour for the end result. I am and always have been a simple French manicure type of girl – I truly wish I were ballsy enough to change my nail colour as often as some friends of mine. Anyway, I couldn’t believe how precise she was. What they do is truly a form of art. They put so much time and care into these nails. Every time I go back they remember what I like and what I don’t like so there’s never any disappointment. I’m impressed

As for their other services – I’ve only tried a pedicure there. I’m a pedicure connoisseur as well – I have a suggestion for a place (a separate post of course) that will properly take care of your feet as this place didn’t exactly make it on my “Top 5 pedicure places” list but I wouldn’t go anywhere else thus far for Bio Gel nails.

On a side note – Vivian is just the woman that takes care of me but the man who sits to her right, your left, does my best friends nails and he is also fabulous so don’t be afraid to try him if she is busy when/if you go in. This place is always busy and barely does any advertising. I’m not even sure that they have a website. It’s basically all word of mouth – how impressive! I literally had to drive by to take a photo of the place and ensure I had the correct address. (haha).

Nail attraction is located on the West side of Yonge St North of Wellesley and South of Charles St. There are two “Nail Attraction” salons on Yonge St. not far from each other (they are both by the same owners – the second one does only manis/pedis). If you are heading North on Yonge St. it will be the first “Nail Attraction”.

640 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z8
(416) 964-3993

I had to share this, it remains one of my favourite comedy clips of all time. They aren’t like this but if you’ve been a nail salon connoisseur like myself you know the majority of them are.


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