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By on April 7, 2011

I like to begin my mornings with a nice cup of java; hot or cold, I don’t mind, the most important part is that I have a coffee in my hand. The scent of freshly brewed coffee awakens me… Brew, baby, brew- I am rolling out of bed to get a cup of you! It can be an emotional experience for me sometimes. I am a harsh coffee critic, Tim Hortons is a spot I refuse to drink coffee from and Starbucks has become a disappointment in comparison to all the wonderful privately owned cafés this city has to offer.

Recently I moved to the King West neighborhood. I was warmly welcomed by a friend with a new package of coffee beans with a label I didn’t recognize, claiming it was the best King West had to offer. He explained to me that it was from a little hidden gem located at 107 Portland Street called Jimmy’s Coffee that opened its doors in December of 2009.

Let me begin by telling you this has to be one of my favorite scents when it comes to coffee. It’s a must have in your home, even if you aren’t going to drink it, the smell of the coffee beans is very refreshing.

Alas the day arrived that I was all out of Jimmy’s coffee beans and of course I am craving some more than ever! I quickly grabbed my coat and headed to Jimmy’s, passing by Second Cup and Starbucks too. I am a woman with a mission.

Upon my arrival, I was impressed to find that Jimmy’s is a revamped little townhouse. I entered through the door to find black and white photographs of historical icons on the walls including politicians, rock stars, singers and actors; everyone from Jimi Hendrix, to James Dean. I happened to bump into Phil Morrison, discovering that he is the founder and creator of Jimmy’s. I inquired about all of the artwork and he informed me that all the icons on the wall are famous “Jimmys” of the world.

I looked around to find that there is 6 tables with 2 seating areas. There is also one seating area with lounge chairs for two. Quite the cozy atmosphere this little café has! I sat in the shop for about an hour, astounded by the constant traffic coming through the doors. It seemed to be never ending!

The menu is priced reasonably and includes a variety of delicious baked goods, (by the way the cookies are deeee-l-icious!) The coffee is my favourite thus far in the city. Jimmy’s carries Classic Gourmet coffee, which happens to be one of the top roasters in the Toronto area.

Looks like the city’s coffee secret is out; Jimmy’s is officially the best place to grab a cup!



107 Portland Street

(416) 901-2289

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