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By on November 4, 2013

Now that you’ve packed away all of your summer clothes and given up on your tan, here are some of my personal tips to make the most out of your seasonal clothing and glow while staying on trend.

With fall upon us and summer feeling like it came and went all too fast, seemingly taking our shorts and tans along with it, a lot of us are looking for ways to use some of our fav summer pieces this fall. I have a few tips to help you extend your wardrobe and your tan into fall 2013.

One of the hottest trends in the fashion forecast for fall is the grunge inspired look. Try paring one of your summer maxi dresses with a plaid blouse tied in the front or wear your high wasted shorts with a long sleeved shirt or sweater and over the knee boots or stockings with a beanie hat

Another hot trend for fall is the dark romance look which is pairing flowing floral and mosaics with tougher elements like leather. Try pairing one of your floral or mosaic summer dresses with leather; leggings, boots, or a jacket to achieve this edgy look.

When shifting your wardrobe into fall it is also important to accessorize. Over sized clutches, beanie hats, ear cuffs, over the knee/knee length/wedge/moto boots, are a few fall trends you can use to keep on trend.

You can also use colors, prints and textures to help transform your summer clothing into fall’s hottest looks by adding layers like scarves, sweaters, jackets, or leggings into the mix. Try to find animal prints, plaids, polka dots, and leathers in fun colors like, purple, plum, vibrant blue, pink, or emeralds green, Also don’t forget to balance your look by not covering up to much or exposing to much.

Fall is also a great time to purge and renew your wardrobe. A great way to do this is with Trend Trunk where you can sell your clothing from the comfort of your own home. It’s free to post and in less than 60 seconds you can start cashing in. All you need is a few pictures, a description and a selling price. Trend Trunk will do the rest, including collecting payments and dealing with shipping. Once your item sells it will email you a track-able pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. All you have to do is print, pack and ship. After delivery is confirmed, you get 80% of the selling price that you can then use for a guilt-free shopping spree, shop fellow members’ closets or get cash to spend on whatever you want! They have also created Closets & Causes which is a great way to support your favorite charity, non-profit group, or any cause you’re passionate about! Plus, get a tax receipt for the donated value if your cause is a registered Canadian charity.

Just because fall is here doesn’t mean your summer glow needs to fade. There are many products out there to help you looking bronzed and beautiful all year round. I would like to share with you 3 of my favorite products on the market.

pHenomenal by Vita Liberata is one of the best new sunless tanners on the market. It uses marine and organic botanical extracts that allow the tan to last up to three weeks; it is odourless, dries instantly, doesn’t streak or rub off all over your clothing and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated for days. You can find it at Sephora in a lotion or foam for around $60.00.

For an instant natural tan try TANtalizer deep body bronzing luminizer by Lorac. It is a streak free, quick-drying, body makeup which is perfect if you need a quick fix. You can also find this product at Sephora for around $40.00

One of my favorite products that I use every day is Terracotta light sheer bronzing powder by Guerlain. It works with all skin types and creates a natural, healthy looking glow. You can also find it at Sephora for around $60.00 which is well worth the price as the powder can last you up to a year.


Guest Writer: Candace Hall


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