Drink these Teas to cope with Stress & Anixety

By on May 19, 2014

To those who are not familar with the term anixety, it is known to be “an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints and rumination” (based on Wikipedia)

Those that experience anxiety disorders are often caused by genetics, environmental factors, brain chemistry, substance abuse, medical factors or a combination of these and it is commonly triggered by the stress in our lives.

Common side effects of anixety are restlessness, fatigue, muscular tension and problems in concentration. Depending on the type of anixety there are different treatments ranging from prescription medications to maturopathic persepectives. Studies have shown that the long term approach to treating both anxiety and stress is to work on managing stress, finding balance between work and play, eating healthy whole foods, meditation, sleep, and exercise.

In addition to the different treatments, adding in particular types of teas are a safe, healthy and nonprescription remedies to help keep the body relax and find balance. Focus on the following types of teas to get the full benefits:

1. PASSIONFLOWER- there have been studies that show evidence passionflower is a herb known to decrease muscle tension and calm nerves. It contains a compound called Chrysin, which provides anti-anxiety benefits and provide similar benefits to the common pharamaceutical Xanax which is known as one of the medical treatment for anxiety. Passionflower tea can help reduce headaches and induce a more restful sleep.

This tea can also aid in pain relief, fibromyalgia, nervousness, high blood pressure and decrease symptoms of menopause.

2. CHAMOMILE- is a herb that contains essential oil known as bisbol. Bisbol helps relieve irritations, microbial infections and inflammation. Chamomile has two types: German chamomile and English chamomile both are safe and used for good health.

English chamomile is more commonly used as the tea to help treat upset stomach and sleeping problems, helping those people who suffer from stress and anxiety attacks allowing them to get a better night’s rest. German chamomile can come in the form of dried flower heads, liquid extract, cream and infused tea. It is used to treat irritation from chest colds, gum inflammation and skin conditions such as chicken pox, diaper rash and psoriasis.

3. L-THEANINE (aka GREENTEA)- commonly known as Green tea, most are unaware of the high antioxidant amino acid in the tea called L-theanine. Research indicates that this amino acid promotes alpha waves in the brain which are linked to relaxation. It can also alter the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine that can affect our mood.

Higher quality of L-theanine in green teas are mostly found in Japanese green teas and unfortunately not found in most American and Canadian although there are still small traces of it.

4. VALERIAN- this herb contains no caffiene and is one of the reasons it is commonly used for insomnia . Although there are still some studies being conducted it has been connected in treatments for anxiety, psychological stress, headaches, stomach upset, muscle and joint pain.

Valerian tea is commonly taken an hour before bed and takes about two to three weeks before seeing the effects.

5. LAVENDER- is a herb known for its aromatic qualities. This scented flower can help reduce the exhaustion of the nervous system and help relieve some symptoms that arise from stress and anxiety.

Lavender tea is used for insomnia,nervousness, depression and a variety of digestive issues.

If suffering from stress and anxiety making changes to your lifestyle through stress managment, nutrition and exercise will help decrease some of the symptoms. Incorporating some of the teas listed above is one of the best way to get a safe and healthy treatment. Ultimately, the treatment path will vary depending on the type of the stress and anxiety.

Chi Malixi

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