Top 5 Neutral Lip Liners

By on March 23, 2011

5. Christian Dior- Heather Rose
Throughout the years I have tried hundreds of different lip liner colors and brands and Christian Dior’s Heather Rose is by far my number one pick. This lip liner contains a minimal amount of shimmer and is not completely matte like most neutral based lip liners. It can match almost any lipstick and gloss with its mixture of pink, mauve and hint of brown. Its creamy texture makes application easy and it is also long lasting.

4. Urban Decay- Paranoid
This lip liner nourishes the skin as you apply its natural beige pink tone. It is waterproof, so it is guaranteed long-lasting and it will never feel dry. This lip liner can be found at Sephora.

3. Bobbi Brown- Soft Rose
This particular lip liner has a rather crayon-like texture. Just as most lipsticks; this lip liner adds a hint of moisture to your lips. I recommend this pink based nude shade to be worn layered on its own for full effect; add lipstick or gloss for extra shine.

2. Rimmel1000 Kisses- Wild Clove
This lip liner is an inexpensive alternative to the above options, or if you have forgotten your liner at home. Stop at a local 24 hour Shopper’s Drug Mart and pick up this hidden gem. Its creamy base has some seriously long-lasting capabilities, although it has a bit of a drying effect. This color looks great with any pink, rose or nude lipstick and can be comparable to MAC’s Whirl.

1. MAC- Whirl
MAC, of course, has always been a favorite of mine. I am absolutely in love with this unique color. This rose-beige-plum lip liner, referred to as ‘dirty rose,’ is not too light and not too dark. It goes on smooth but unfortunately does not last as long as the above choices. All in all, definitely a must have in your make up bag.


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