How To: Look Good in the Wilderness

By on May 29, 2014

I grew up in a small town full of rednecks. My idea of a party was a pit party. Want to know what that is? You take a back road to the mines where there are ‘pits’ and you slide down into them with about 50 other kids and you party. I don’t even want to discuss what happens when it rains. Looking at me now – if I were to describe this story you would probably give me the elevator look. Because I would probably be explaining what a pit party is in full hair and makeup and a pair of heels.

I know a thing or two about looking good in the wilderness. I can totally go camping and be comfortable. Not glamping – camping. I have no problem pretending to be homeless for a few days, but you better believe I’m going to look good. Because I know for a fact photos are going to be taken. And while I may be playing make-believe hobo, I don’t want to look like a hobo.

So, how do you rough it like a diva without looking like you’re trying too hard? Well…here are a few pointers.

1. Your hair plays a key role in looking good in the wilderness. When you shower (or wash your hair in the lake, because sometimes that has to go down when you’re camping.), add a little volumizing product to your roots and let it air-dry. As it hair dries scrunch the ends a few times to get that tousled look. You can leave it as so, put it up in a top knot, or my favourite – add a hippie head band. Part your hair in the centre, take a stretchy or leather band and wrap it across your forehead and tie at the back. You will look both organic and stylish.

2. Mirrors are limited in the wilderness, so you’ll have to keep make-up to a minimum. Five products: concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, tinted lip balm. DONE. That’s all you need. You can apply these products with a small mirror. Struggle with eyeliner? Skip it and add extra sweeps of mascara.

3. If you’re in the wilderness, you’re likely sleeping in a tent. This means you will probably have the worst sleep of your life and wake up looking washed-out and exhausted. But you might not even know this because you can’t really look at yourself in the mirror. Bring a hydrating serum with you. Before you exit the tent, message a few drops into your face and wait a few moments. Once the serum has settled into your skin and it will have hydrated and puffed up fine lines and now you can exit the tent. You’ll look refreshed and awake. Also, drink a lot of water – that will help your skin look refreshed as well.

4. Since you’re going to be outdoors the sun is going to be beaming on you constantly. It sounds great – but it’s not. That tan you’re dreaming of is going to give you a lobster-like sunburn if you’re not careful. You also need to be careful of uneven tanning. Things like canoeing or sitting under the trees put you at risk for an awkward tan. Make sure you are constantly applying sunscreen to avoid painful burns and splotchy tans.

5. Face wipes are your best friend. They make washing your face super easy. You don’t really even need a mirror. When sink-access is non-existent these things are the best thing since sliced bread. Obviously try to clean your face properly when you can, but when that’s just not possible – you can swear by these things.

A lot of city girls are either terrified of camping / roughing it, or have this glamourized idea of what it is in their head because they listen to a lot of Luke Bryan songs. It’s a bit of the in between. You’re going to have sacrifice a lot of high-maintenance components in life, but it’s still not that bad. It’s nice to get away and unplug for a while. Tune yourself into nature, don’t be afraid, and follow my pointers above to you can at least feel good about yourself.

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