FoodShare’s Recipe For Change – a Foodie Paradise!

By on March 28, 2013

Where do you find of 30 of Toronto’s top chefs, 8 local wineries offering 30 different wines, and 3 local breweries offering 9 beers? At Foodshare’s Recipe for Change annual fundraiser! FoodShare is an organization that works to address hunger in Toronto communities by taking a multifaceted long term approach via food based initiatives. The organization describes their Recipe for Change event as “a celebration of food with a purpose that supports FoodShare’s innovative and multifaceted work in schools toward Food Literacy for all students…” Last year they were able to raise approximately $40,000 from this event.



Recipe for Change took place on Thursday, March 2013 from 6-9pm. There was a Frenzy right at 6pm. Although it was lightly raining, eager foodies still managed to crowd the entrance of the historic St. Lawrence Market North building right when the clock struck 6. Before they embarked on their culinary adventure, guests were greeted out front by a pop up from Fidel Gastro who served their PeKing Elvis Sandwich which is a Butter Grilled Pita featuring Spicy Orange Duck Meat, Green Onion and a Secret Sauce.


What I enjoyed most about the evening besides the delicious dishes was the fact that you actually get to converse and get into the head of several of the city’s most talented chefs. In particular, I spoke to chef Luis Valenzuela from Torito’s Tapas. He was very passionate about the dish they were preparing; dates stuffed with Toscano Cheese and Roasted Almonds wrapped in Double Smoked Bacon. He jokingly called it ‘Heaven’s Bacon’ and explained that they chose this dish as dates remind him of an important life lesson of doing things not for the reward but for the deed itself. He explained that whoever had helped grow these dates has long passed on not knowing what would happen to them and now those same dates are creating a wonderful meal that we are enjoying today at a fundraiser for an amazing cause.


Therese DeGrace and Christopher Ennew, the chef duo from St. Anne’s Spa were also very entertaining and quite passionate about their restaurant. They advised me that their focus is on the freshness and quality of the ingredients they use. I tried their Vegan Mushroom Ragout over peppered Polenta with a Tofu Truffle “ricotta”. I learned that St. Anne’s spa offers quite a few vegan options and prides itself on using the healthiest and purest ingredients. In the summer time they have their own private organic garden where they grow their own produce to use for their dishes. Chef Ennew also told me that St. Anne’s Spa has also been raising there own cattle to ensure they provide their customers with only the best meat. Now that’s what you call commitment!


Other dishes I was able to sample included Cruda Café’s “Love Me Forever Vegan Tarts” made from lavender flowers, cashews and pomegranate seeds, a Vegetarian Morrocan Style Tagine served with couscous which had a bit of a kick from Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, A savory bread pudding from George Brown’s Chef School and a delicious “Tiramisu Coffee” served with a lady finger biscuit from Crema Coffee Co.

foodshare6 foodshare7


To compliment the dishes several wineries and breweries offered a selection of beers and wines. One in particular that sticks out in my mind is the Pinot Grigio that was offered by Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. It was very aromatic and floral with a fine weight on the pallet


A Silent auction to raise funds for FoodShare was simultaneously going on as guests enjoyed the dishes. There was something for everyone from appliances and a bike to artwork and cosmetics. It was wonderful to see the number of generous donations.

If you love trying different types of food, dub yourself a foodie, or if you simply want a chance to talk to some talented chefs, I would recommend attending next year’s Recipe for Change Event. I had a wonderful evening and am looking forward to going back next year. For a full listing of sponsors, participating chefs, and menu items offered at Recipe for Change, you can visit their website at:

Please visite for more information.

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