Playing at the Bingo Halls

By on March 1, 2014

Bingo has made quite the popularity explosion and demographic transition in the last few years. More than 3.5 million people are playing in digital halls on a regular basis in the UK which means this trend is only on the rising here in Canada.
Clearly, the venturing of bingo companies into the realm of online business has done wonders to rejuvenate an industry once stereotypically relegated to society’s geriatrics. Apart from the obvious advantages afforded by Internet connectivity such as a wider audience reach, faster stat-tracking, and easier strategy recalibrations, online bingo companies have also employed marketing approaches meant to attract as many consumers as possible. These include things like flashy audio-visuals for their games, as well as mascots whose designs appeal to many people.

Some of these companies have even transcended their usual market reach and become integrated into other forms of media. TV programs in the UK are partnering up with Bingo Sponsors. The mascot of Cheeky’s showcases typical brazen humor in the company’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts have been successful in pushing the brand – and the bingo industry as a whole – into public consciousness.

That said, there’s still something about playing in bricks-and-mortal bingo halls that gives a whole other experience. Fun and convenient as online games may be, social bonding is still a forte of physical gaming establishments.
Toronto itself has a good number of those. For starters, Ultimate Bingo plays host to many of the most serious players in the city, a lot of whom are pros at playing multiple games at the same time. However, that shouldn’t deter you from checking the place out for yourself. If anything, you could probably learn even more than you thought you knew about the intricacies of the game.

There’s also Delta Bingo a place that’s frequented a lot if the rows of taxis waiting outside are any indication. Its patrons, both seasoned and otherwise, are often seen holding many bingo cards at once. This is because prizes are such that every night, at least one person leaves with $1,000, making for a very high-spirited, loud, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Whether you go at it online or on site, bingo is a game that ensures loads of fun. It is, after all, a leisurely activity more than it is a competitive one; and that type of playing environment is evident no matter where you get your bingo fix.

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