Kangas Aussie Meat Pies

By on May 21, 2014

What? Aussie meat pies

Who? Kanga

Where? Duncan Street

When? NOW


Duncan Street warmly welcomes its newest edition, Kanga’s Aussie Meat Pies. A staple in Australia (apparently you can’t escape a street corner without spotting one) owners, Erynn Mayes and Megan Chan, decided to bring this down under delicacy to the streets of TO. Nestled between the financial district and the entertainment district, the clientele will be a mixed bag of suits on a lunch run and the more inebriated patron looking to squash tomorrow’s hangover today. Unlike your average pie, the Aussie pie is handheld, saucier, and topped with Kanga’s signature all butter puff pastry. They have veggie options as well, the creamy zucchini had my vote. Look out for the pie & poutine combo as well; this dish is not to be taken lightly! They open this Friday.


Visit: http://www.eatkanga.com/

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Erin Wotherspoon

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Erin, of average height and weight has no special skills to boast of. She graduated from Theatre School at George Brown, where she studied classical acting for 3 years. Erin began to feel like a pawn in a chess game she never consented to and switched her energies towards creative writing. Having had some mild success as a blogger, it is now her main goal in life to write novels. She currently contributes to a couple of food & drink related magazine around the city. @erinspoons

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