Holistic Nutritionist: Tara Miller

By on May 2, 2014

What we put in our mouths has become controversial and confusing. We are bombarded daily with media outlets and experts touting a new fad food or diet that will solve all our digestive woes, weight loss goals and health issues. It all just feels like one big empty promise when it seems that what we “should” eat goes out of vogue so quickly. How do we navigate our way through all the information and misinformation out there? Wouldn’t it be nice to just have someone give you the truth?!

Nutritionist, Tara Miller, offers a genuine and honest approach to the conundrums within the diet and lifestyle landscape. You can be sure she’s not going to dish out a restrictive toothpick diet to you and expect you to adhere to it, especially without taking a close look at who you are, your occupational stresses, lifestyle choices, environment, health history and much more. “No one person is the same. I am not going to give generic health tips because they may not be suitable for each person.” Amen to that! Tara met with me over Skype for my hour-long consultation. Important meetings never get scheduled when we cannot carve out enough time to get to them. Skype with Tara during your lunch break, in your pajamas on a Saturday morning or while you’re waiting for your flight at the airport. This is the ultimate convenience.


“Make room for health in your life,” is Tara’s outlook. Let’s face it; we all have our deal breaker foods and lifestyle choices that are next to impossible to give up like caffeine, sugar and alcohol. “Social settings are tough when you’re on a restrictive diet. You want to feel good, have energy and enjoy life in many areas so you can live without too many parameters.” This means learning to make better choices versus simply denying yourself a food choice altogether.

So what does Tara, the expert, eat? Her answer echoed her flexible approach with her clients. “I eat a heavy plant based diet that does not exclude any particular food group.” Tara guides you to find foods that agree with you and fosters balance in your life. Exercise, eat real and simple foods, cook them yourself, and do not overeat. Do you find that you rarely eat in? Tara will research restaurants in your neighbourhood that have appropriate choices for your needs. Always eat in? She’ll arm you with a grocery list and some recipes. The idea is to make the positive changes to your diet and lifestyle sustainable. “A diet shouldn’t feel like a life sentence of eating celery. Delivering a protocol to a client that they will not adhere to is useless.” Tara’s clients find that small changes that are manageable lead to long-term success.

Tara also works with many clients who have specific concerns like digestive issues, acne, and weight loss. A food diary is encouraged to pick out patterns and record emotional and physical states when eating. She often provides clients with foods to eat and avoid, ideas for meals and snacks, supplementation if necessary. Tara answers specific questions about Elimination diets, vegetarian diets, paleo diets, and the oh-so popular probiotics simply and comprehensively. She can debunk any nutrition question with ease. A true health educator whom you can trust.

In addition to her exceptional Holisitc Nutritional counseling services she runs “Health Hut” an on-line Health and Wellness boutique. It specializes in “Non-toxic yet highly-effective natural beauty and health products.” Find everything from baby, body, supplements and cleaning products that all have Tara’s expert seal approval. We have all wandered through the aisles of random health food shops relying on the sales staff to guide us through the myriad of products. Now the best of the best products in natural care are a click away at the Health Hut. Visit Tara’s Blog for informative write-ups on lists of chemicals to avoid, drool worthy recipes, lifestyle tips and more.




To schedule an appointment with Tara Miller visit: http://taramillernutrition.com/contact/


Centre for Social Innovation

Annex 720 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON, M5S 2R4

Phone: 416.902.5422

Websites: http://taramillernutrition.com and http://healthhutboutique.com


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