Why Guys Should Know How To Dance

By on May 26, 2014

Remember junior high school dances where kids would stand five feet apart from each other with their arms outstretched like zombies? And how some kids would do these weird jerky movements and you genuinely wondered whether they were dancing or if you should call for help? Good times. Luckily we’ve all moved past that phase!


The truth is some guys (and yes, some girls) don’t like dancing. And a lot of the time it’s because they either think they can’t do it, or they’re insecure about having other people look at them. While being yourself and dancing the way you want should always be encouraged, it’s also important to note that sometimes your strange moves are a safety hazard to others. Also, if you start every dance by making a fist with both hands, oh god why.

You don’t have to be the best, but you don’t have to be the worst either. Honestly, just getting out there and doing your thing will get you bonus points more than ‘sitting this one out’. Need more convincing? Here are some reasons why men should know how to dance….


To Avoid Fights At Weddings

You know how this old story goes, gents. Dessert has just been polished off and the tearful speeches have wrapped up. In a few short minutes your pulse will start racing and your whole life will flash before your eyes as the dance floor opens up and you hear the Grease Mega Mix begin to play. No sudden movements. Maybe if you close your eyes and focus hard enough, you can teleport yourself to a faraway land where dancing doesn’t exist

It’s a losing battle, bud. This is here, this is now, this is….THIIIIS IS HOW WE DOO ITTT.

Okay sorry. Look. Weddings are fun and festive and over the top. But they’re a lot more enjoyable when you get in on all the action. If your partner is out there doing the sprinkler and joining the conga line, you really can’t go wrong by joining in. Dance skill standards are already at their lowest. This isn’t Step Up 2, it’s a wedding; you don’t have to be good, you just have to be good-spirited.

Emergency Dance-Off

Somebody call 9-1-1! Shawty fire burnin’ on the dance floor!

You never know when a dance duel might arise, so it’s crucial that you’re ready at all times. What happens when you’re at a party and some charmer with slick moves challenges you to show off your skills in front of everyone? Suddenly a circle forms around you and your rival. Are you going to just do jazz hands and run away? Please. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a few basic moves just in case you need to use some fancy footwork to prove you’ve got rhythm.


Date Night Options

Think of how much versatility and variety there is in date night options when you can dance. When things start to get a little boring and repetitive on Friday nights, a world of opportunity opens up – you know, up in da club. But hey, there’s more than one type of dancing; taking salsa or ballroom classes can be an amazingly fun and hilarious way to spend time with someone. You may learn a few little choreographed numbers that you can show off together at the next big formal event.


Alleviate Awkward Moments

There are two types of awkwardness I’m referring to here. First, the perpetual state of discomfort everyone around you is in when your arms and legs are flailing about wildly in an attempt to resemble dancing. Learning a few steps will spare you, spare us all. And when you witness someone else making such a faux pas, you can swoop right in there and come to the rescue; people tend to mirror your movements when you engage with them. You’d be like a dance floor superhero. Secondly, dancing can get you out of awkward encounters with people. Let’s say you’re at a house party talking to this guy who won’t stop rambling about his extensive knowledge of fine cheeses. He asks you what your favourite cheese is, and suddenly you realize you need an immediate escape plan. Solution? Pretend to take off an invisible top hat and soft shoe tap dance the hell out of there.


Confidence Building

Knowing your stuff can actually help you meet new people, and it’s a great way to break out of your shell without having to say anything. The best part about dancing is that it really doesn’t have to be anything crazy or Usher-inspired – move the way you feel the music and the rest will come naturally. Being funny helps too if you really don’t think you have much coordination. Improvising with all kinds of ludicrous moves like ‘opening the refrigerator and taking out the milk’ is guaranteed to get a few laughs and have people talking. Plus, old ladies dig it.



How can you resist an intense calorie burning workout that doesn’t even feel like work? Are you insane? While girlfriend is out there on the dance floor twerkin’ off those wedding cupcakes, you’re sitting at the guest table still eating them. Lame. Did you know that in just one hour you can burn upwards of 600 calories bustin’ a move? Young MC was on to something, see.

So the next time your ladyfriend asks if you want to dance, don’t hold back. Surprise her and get out there. Teach her how to dougie. Shake your groove thing. Celebrate good times. Come on.


Courtney Gilmour

About Courtney Gilmour

Courtney is a Toronto-based writer and editor whose work has appeared in various digital and print publications, and probably the back of your chair in high school. She is known for her ability to create a near perfect plate of nachos and her inability to properly close a pizza box. Follow her on Twitter: @minxcourtney

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