Friends not liking your significant other

By on June 17, 2014

I’m actually extremely qualified to be discussing this with you, as I seem to frequently date people whom my friends and family dislike. From misunderstood bi-sexuals to alpha males with emotional issues, I’d like to think I’ve dated them all.

Disclaimer: If you’re anything like me you hate all things sentimental, so with that in mind you probably aren’t going to like this article, because it is lame, like really lame.

My advice is, listen to your mother. She is right. It’s annoying, you don’t listen to her or maybe she keeps her opinions to herself, but in the end when shit hits the fan, your mom is there with you and she knew all along.

We all know the code, and that is, if you don’t like your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend, you are supposed to be a good friend and just lie about it, put up with the jackass or jackess, until one day finally your friend see’s the light. The reason this code exists is because people really need to figure shit out for themselves. You can tell Suzy all you want that Bobby is a jackass, but Suzy needs to see it for herself before she will ever be able to do anything about it. But why is it so hard for Suzy to see this? Is Suzy blinded by her love for Bobby? Or do her friends and family just not see the “real” Bobby? The Bobby Suzy loves.

Obviously there are exceptions, but I would say in most cases Suzy is blinded by love. When it comes to love and affairs of the heart, the simplest and most cliché things are true. Your friends and family want what’s best for you, they are in it for the long haul, they’ve known you forever and although they probably won’t be able to get through to you, they are right.

The best way to navigate this situation, is don’t force anything. Don’t try to integrate your boyfriend/girlfriend into your friend group, accept their differences and hang out with everybody separately. Most importantly keep your friendships with family and friends strong, because my bet is they’ll still be around once that jackass your dating is gone.

Erin Wotherspoon

About Erin Wotherspoon

Erin, of average height and weight has no special skills to boast of. She graduated from Theatre School at George Brown, where she studied classical acting for 3 years. Erin began to feel like a pawn in a chess game she never consented to and switched her energies towards creative writing. Having had some mild success as a blogger, it is now her main goal in life to write novels. She currently contributes to a couple of food & drink related magazine around the city. @erinspoons

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