The Brazilian

By on May 16, 2014

So let’s be frank for a bit. We’re about to engage in a discussion about waxing. Not your eyebrows, legs, or even your bikini line. We’re going talk about waxing everything off – which is more formally known as the Brazilian. I’m new to the Brazilian game. And the first one – it’s not pretty. So rather than do a ‘My First Brazilian Wax’ story, (I’m still not quite ready to talk about it) I’m going to open up the doors here, get a little personal, and discuss the pro’s and con’s to getting one.

So why do women opt for this wax…

I chalk it up to 3 factors:

The Brazilian is a great summer haircut. I more or less consider it an assurance thing. You can head to the beach at a last minute notice with the assurance that everything is bare down there. In the summer time you’re wearing less clothing, running off to last minute plans that call for bathing suits and the last thing you want to worry about is having to ‘groom’ while your friends wait for you in the car. That’s so lame.

Word on the street suggests dudes dig smooth skin. Even in places where the sun don’t shine. And while we can all say we’re ‘doing it for ourselves’ we’re not. If we were doing it for ourselves we wouldn’t do it. Want to know how I know? Because getting a Brazilian wax…that insane nerve pinching pain…is not worth doing for your own benefit.

Other methods of grooming, like shaving, really suck. Mostly because it’s affective for a day, after that, it’s back to the razor. And honestly, that’s tedious. It takes up shower time – and that time could be spent on something else. Like, curling your hair (on your head), throwing in a couple push-ups between doing your make-up and brushing your teeth. I don’t know, but what I do know is that shaving is irritating and with a Brazilian you’re off the hook for a good four weeks.


Why don’t women opt for the Brazilian…

Well one thing is blatantly obvious – the pain is outrageous. Your friends can sugar coat it all you want. It hurts. The anticipation before getting one is what I would imagine it feels like to be competing in the Olympics before a gold medal race: pure anxiety with a little ‘I can totally do this’ confidence. It’s tough to get the courage to go and do it.

Some women feel like a child when they rip all the hair off. But can you blame them? It does appear rather juvenile but on the plus side, it looks so much more polished and inviting (excuse me for being blunt). However, if you’re worried it’s going to make you feel different about yourself, you’ll lose your confidence, and its best to just keep doing what you’re already doing.

When I was prepping for my first Brazilian all I could find were horror stories about getting the first one. And while it was entertaining, it didn’t really assure me that was I was doing was a good idea. If you really want to get one, just go. Read the horror stories after your first wax for a good laugh. It’s true it will hurt, but the pain does not last that long and they get less painful as you go more regularly.

Factor in your pro’s and con’s. Who are you doing it for? Why do you want to do it? All those questions will make you feel better about your decision. And at the end of the day – it’s just hair. And Hair grows back.

Be sure to check out our post on WaxOn Wax Bar, a Toronto-based spa that specializes in Brazilian Waxes (amongst other services, of course).

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