Top 5 Places to (NOT) go for Singles in Toronto – Valentines Day

By on February 3, 2014

Just because Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Friday, does not mean you should head out because it’s just like “any other Friday night”. It won’t be. I’ll tell you where NOT to go as a Single person in Toronto on Valentine’s Day. #singlesforlyfe

Top5VdaySingles1. outside

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1. Outside.

Just stay indoors. And by indoors, I mean inside your house. Within your own comfort zone. I think the word avoidance (in terms of socialization) is key on this wonderfully treacherous day. 

Top5VdaySingles2. restaurant

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2. Romantic Restaurants

If you really need to eat, then order a pizza. If you hate pizza? Get delivery of something else. If you really need to go outside to a restaurant to eat, go somewhere with bright lights and everything on earth unromantic. I would actually recommend restaurants like Khao San Road where you have to share a table with strangers. That way, even if you go alone, you can try talking to the people next to you. And plus, the food is incredible there.


Top5VdaySingles3. mall

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3. The Mall

Please. What you need to buy on Valentine’s Day can wait until tomorrow. You do not want to be the one strolling around alone with no hands to hold and no one to buy you a present that you fancy. Go to LCBO instead (I recommend the one at Maple Leaf Garden, so you can buy food to appease your soul while you pick up a couple of bottles for yourself) so you can have a good drink at home later in the night, alone.

Top5VdaySingles4. strolls

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4. Strolling on Harbour Front or Nathan Phillip Square.

Avoid it. You will just get feelings of boiled frustration because people are too in love with each other.

Top5VdaySingles5. sports bar

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5. The club.

They will probably only be playing the lovely-dovey songs and what kind of single wants to dance to those? In addition, there would be couples heating things up on the dance floor, while you would be alone… Go to the sports bar instead. I recommend the one near Rogers Centre. Everyone is going to focus on sports instead of each other, and hey! you might find a cutie with a knack for the same sport as you!

Again, stay home. Its safest.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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