Sugar Daddies Dating in Canada

Have you ever heard of a sugar daddy? Via websites such as , they come in contact with sugar babies looking for someone to support them. Read honest reviews of here. Rumour has it that there are also sugar daddies who are active in Canada. They look for one or more young, beautiful women to date and spoil. But what is a sugar daddy? And what misconceptions are there about this construction? Read all about it in our new blog.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy is a wealthy, often older man who supports his or her boyfriend or girlfriend financially. The boyfriend or girlfriend is called a sugar baby. The sugar daddy, often a millionaire or even billionaire, is financially generous to his sugar baby. In turn, the sugar baby offers other services. These services consist of either friendship, companionship or more. Often, the sugar daddy also wants to show off his young lover to other people at events, conferences and parties. As long as both sides are comfortable with the relationship and know where they stand, the relationship might be beneficial to both parties. But there are a few misconceptions.

Not All Sugar Daddies are Men

Did you know that sugar daddies don’t have to be men? Women too can be in the same position. These women are called sugar mommies and socialise with a younger man that they support financially. They are looking for a handsome man to accompany them to galas or more. The relationship between the two parties is the same, even though the genders are reversed.

Not All About the Money

People tend to think that having a sugar daddy is all about the money, but that is not necessarily the case. Sometimes it’s also the other benefits that come with having a sugar daddy that makes someone stick with an older man. These benefits may include invitations to an exclusive party, nice clothes and other presents that these women get from their sugar daddy. Access to a yacht, plane or limousine is also one of the things that draw young women to their sugar daddy. Besides material things, it might also be about the attention that women, but also men, get from an older man or woman. A relationship between a sugar baby and his or her sugar daddy often revolves around friendship.

Not all Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies are Old

It’s a misconception to think that all sugar daddies and sugar mommies are old. Wealthy young men and women can also be a sugar daddy or sugar mommy to a sugar baby. The reasons why they are looking for a sugar baby rather than another relationship may vary. Sometimes they just want someone to show off with a beautiful woman or handsome young man. Or maybe they don’t want the commitment a real relationship requires.

So be careful next time you visit an online dating site. Always make sure that expectations from both sides are clear, as should be the case in any kind of relationship.

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