Polish TV in the USA: direct streaming from Poland

Television is the source of awareness about the world, of entertainment and education one can reach with a press of a button. In contrast to Internet, it still maintains the highest visual and audial quality of the content, as well as tends to adhere to the rules of data accuracy. Hence, the best possible development of the TV was to enrich it with the advantages of the internet. That is how online TV was born.

Polish TV live and unlimited

There are several advantages of Internet TV that regular television cannot provide:

  • simple installation procedure (no cables or satellite dishes involved)
  • excellent visual and audial quality (including HD and 3D) 
  • top-notch management of the content 
  • availability on all kinds of devices (TV set, personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet)
  • instant access to streaming from any place in the world 

With all these perks, PolBox.TV provides you with Polish TV in the USA distributed through the Internet connection. 


Polish TV in the USA or anywhere else

One of the greatest achievements of Internet TV in general, and specifically Polish TV online is the possibility to manage content:

  • shift schedule, record programs, stream live shows, and pre-order movies
  • create a personal profile with interests and history
  • apply bans on certain content for some members of your household (children)
  • watch different channels on several devices simultaneously, etc.

Online TV is a great tool to enjoy Polish TV channels wherever you are currently living or travelling for work or holiday. Stream it to your cozy couch at home, to the beach, to the car while you are stuck in the traffic jam, or waiting for your appointment at the dentist.


Polish TV channels and radio stations

With PolBox.TV, you get immediate access to:

  • 120 best channels streamed from Poland
  • 5 most popular Polish radio stations
  • 3000+ movies translated into the Polish language
  • 24/7 technical support in case any issues arise
  • A global community for fans of Polish television online sharing insights on the best content

You do not need to sign any contracts or pay extraordinary fees to get Polish TV on the internet. You can easily tune in or tune out, so you pay only for the content you watch. Polish TV live represents a great source of information, education, fun and inspiration for millions of Polish expats and their families dispersed in the USA and many other countries of the world.